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Our Story

Cakes by the waterside

Founded in Edinburgh in 2014, Kingfisher Bakery prides itself on delivering bespoke and beautifully hand-crafted cakes of the highest quality, hand-made fresh to order and with locally-sourced ingredients where possible.

In 2018, the bakery relocated to its present home: a blissful waterside location on the marina in Staverton, Wiltshire. We continue to work tirelessly to ensure that each and every cake is completed precisely to our customers' specifications, and that your cake tastes every bit as delicious as it looks.


We specialise in classic cakes lovingly finished with our signature buttercreams, and we also offer a selection of hand-made decorations, including fondant work, macarons, candied fruit, and meringues.

Owner & Executive Baker

Michelle Anthony-Cresswell

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"Freshly made, beautifully decorated."

Michelle has enjoyed baking for her family and friends ever since she was a little girl, learning many of the recipes she still uses today from her grandfather.

In her spare time Michelle runs a number of community choirs in the Wiltshire and Somerset area:

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